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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics February Newsletter

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It's easy to pick a theme for the February newsletter: growth. After an autumn spent improving our website and our system, Alex Brubaker and Susan Celli have launched a new outreach effort. We're signing up big events: hopefully we'll be at Bonnaroo in the South, Building Energy in the Northeast, Folklife in the Northwest, and the New Living Expo hear in California, just to name a few.

Expect 380,000 Festival & Conference travelers to see SpaceShare's carpooling tools this spring.


Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin, and I'm a new intern here at SpaceShare. Right now I'm working on organizing and coordinating volunteers, so hopefully I will be in touch with a lot of you soon. We have a lot to do right now and we need your help and enthusiasm.

Recently we've been lucky to have some great volunteer help with a couple of our projects. Antonio Facchino has offered forth his proofreading skills and is also going to be researching and contacting event speakers to try and get them to support us, while Shaina Johnson, Peter Stair, Tom Yamaguchi, and Brian Gardner are helping to proof and edit documents. For Green Events, the nonprofit we're helping launch, Sara Lacy crafted a fundraising proposal to Clif Bar.

A big thank-you to you all for the time you're putting in! As always, there are numerous other projects that we need help with, so if you're interested in getting involved please contact me at caitlin@spaceshare.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer Request

Take a look at www.spaceshare.com/green

We plan to put this greening guide in front of thousands of event planners, tens of thousands of travelers. Can you help us redesign it? We need help with researching other greening resources (from the web), design & writing: a great way to participate from anywhere.

And a Funding Request

We've launched our greening efforts with very little money, relying on people rather than cash. But to start Green Events, we will need a bit of funding, and the founders of SpaceShare are tapped.

If you would like to donate to Green Events in any amount, we'd love your assistance. Can you help? (Tax deductible.)

  • A Green Events URL, about $30.
  • A banner & tabling supplies, $150.
  • A paid intern, $500.

Upcoming Events We'll be exhibiting at some of these events, and need volunteers to join us. Often this means a free ticket!

  • Boston, March 15-17, Building Energy
  • San Fran, March 18-19, Radical Performance Fest. Exhibiting!
  • NYC, March 31+, Grassroots Animal Rights Conf. Exhibiting!
  • Sunfest, April 30 - May1, Scottsdale AZ. Exhibiting!
Many more to come!

Green Events News

The list of allies who are working to make events greener keeps growing. Mary Manut just launched Green Mary, composting, recycling and waste diversion for events. If you know anyone planning an event near San Francisco, she can help them be greener in countless ways.

Be the Change,

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