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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics November Newsletter

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This Month's Key News & Needs

Our next website is almost ready to launch! SpaceShare is entering the slow winter season. We're using the time to focus on long-term development projects. We'll also be looking for other ways to earn revenue so we can keep the program alive till spring, doing database and web development work to fund the carpooling.

  • Surviving the Slow Winter Season
  • Quick Volunteer Opportunity for Everyone: Proof the New Website
  • This Month's Key Volunteer Need: "Outreach to Speakers" Coordinator

Surviving the Slow Winter Season

We've been trying to follow a different model than most environmental efforts, running on volunteer efforts and earned income rather than begging for money or competing with other environmental organizations for a dwindling pool of grant money. We're going to need help to get through this winter, but hope not to have to ask for money.

Instead, it has always been our intention to reuse the skills and code base we've developed in building carpool networking tools to pay for the project. Can you take a few minutes to think if you know of any development work appropriate for the SpaceShare programmers? We've developed a suite of tools to build our networking and emailing systems; we hope to use these for a wide variety of clients, earning enough income so we can keep growing the environmental toolkit. Our skills focus on database projects and web development, especially web application development and opensource work.

Does your business or nonprofit have work for an experienced web development & database team?

Proofread the Next Website

Looking for a very, very easy way to get involved? Take a look at our website, pick the area that is of greatest interest to you, and send suggestions on how we can improve it. For people that want to volunteer by helping with editing, you don't need to wait to talk to us or get permission; just jump in, take a look, and send comments.


Key Volunteer Need: Outreach to Speakers

We're looking for a new person to join us and tackle this fun research & contact project. We already have one famous speaker who has agreed to tell all the events he speaks at about SpaceShare. You would find all the amazing speakers you could, for example by looking at the list of speakers at the Green Festival. Then you would contact them and ask them if they would send a reply whenever they are invited to speak, encouraging the event planners to carpool and hold a green event. Let us know if you'd like to help! This could be 2hrs a week or more; a good, achievable class internship, a great way to meet interesting people!

SF Bay Area

KPFA's Crafts Fair is coming up December 11 & 12, volunteers needed!

Replacing Cars with Community,

Stephen Cataldo
(510) 520-6175

Tools for our High Occupancy Planet

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