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Planning an event with carpooling and other travel matching opportunities.
Environmentally friendly advice for people traveling to festivals and conferences.

SpaceShare sites can be configured for finding carpool partners, searching for hotel roommates, or a matching people in many other ways. The sites will work in a similar manner, which we hope is self-explanatory. However, if you are having troubles or want to understand how our system works in more detail, please contact us or read on:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

How it Works

We have added a number of features to make the Logistics Search efficient for you.  You can close your account when you are no longer looking for a partner, either with a single click from an email you receive, or through the web site. If you change your mind and wish to restart your search, you can do so at any time. To prevent you from receiving too many emails, users will not be able to email another repeatedly, unless the recipient replies to the first email.  We hope users will use the search, and not send too many emails: we may include the number of people that you have emailed as a note in all the emails you send, helping people not waste their time with individuals who are likely to pick someone else.  Users can lock out other entries: you will not see those entries again, they will not see you, and you cannot send each other email.  We hope these features allow people to use the search efficiently. Please remember to cancel your account when are no longer searching!

There are ways to change the order that the search ranks people. This can be done easily from the search page. In addition, if someone emails you, or you email them, then they will appear at the top of your next search.

If you don't find someone in your search, especially likely if you sign up early, perhaps a later user will find you. You will receive emails, but to protect each user's privacy, return addresses will not be included.  Instead, the email will have links to our web site.  If you are not interested in someone's offer, with one click on a web enabled email client (most are), you can instantly lockout that contact and we will send them a post that you are not available.   To reply to an email, you will need to click on the appropriate link in the email they sent, opening a browser window. Finally, the email will include a link to indicate if you have found someone or are otherwise finished using our service.

Email Filters

Please make sure that your email inbox accepts email from the SpaceShare domain, or you will not be able to participate.

Email Windows and Popups

There are many ways to configure your browser. If you block all "pop-up", new windows even "requested" ones (not just automatic pop-ups), then the email window (the window to send an email to someone else) will be blocked by your browser. You can copy the link location and open it in another window yourself. Please do contact us if you have any difficulties: there are some problems if you do allow javascript to run but do not allow it to open a new window that we are looking for test cases as we write the next update.

Privacy Policy

Your Email: We will not distribute your email nor send you unrelated emails ourselves. We need your address for one purpose: to allow other searchers to email you, using an automated process that will prevent them from seeing your address. In some cases, we may send a single follow-up letter asking for your feedback.

Email Links

You can click on links such as "Lockout this user" and "No longer interested in a search" with any browser, even a very simple one such as Lynx for Linux/Unix.   Even if your browser is too simple to easily see our regular site or return an email, these instant one-click features should work fine.

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