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SpaceShare's rideshare and travel match for colleges, conferences, festivals, churches and more.

Travel together, meet new friends and save resources: If you have a half-full car, our search lets you simultaneously look for passengers to fill it or for a ride so you can leave your car at home. For any match, just sign in here, quickly describe your needs, and our search program will sort other people's posts to help you find the best match. The search tools make it easy for you to find neighbors, to travel with your community while saving resources.

Help us improve our environmental networking tools: Please send us suggestions. Tell us if you have any difficulties, we're here to help!

Disclaimer: SpaceShare sites are an advanced classifieds system: we do not screen users and can take no responsibility for anyone you meet through our system. Please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Protections below.

We do protect your privacy.

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