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   We not only connect you with your neighbors to share resources, we also connect you with the people in your neighborhood doing business the right way. The green businesses below help us provide carpooling and we're excited by the work they're doing: support them and help us spread carpooling everywhere!

Green Your Car

The Better World Club is a green alternative to AAA, which has a long pattern of lobbying for highways over open space. If you're waiting for your AAA to expire before changing, email us your expiration date and we'll remind you.

Green Real Estate

[Mostly San Francisco Bay Area at this time, hope to grow list.] If you're buying or selling your home, this is a perfect time for big changes to help the environment: save money and protect your family's health for years to come when buying, raise your house value when selling! Email us where you live, we'll connect you with a local "green real estate" agent if we can.

A Personal Global Warming Solution: Carbon Offsets

SpaceShare used to encourage carbon offsetting here, but we are reconsidering. When folks first started carbon offsetting, it was usually a way to wake yourself and your neighbors, to focus more closely on environmental impacts. Offsets have become increasingly hyped and used as "indulgences" rather than first-steps (and we don't believe they ever came close to really offsetting what people thought they did). If you want to carbon offset, we recommend "do it yourself" offsets: help your neighbor install CFLs or insulation, start a local/organic/veg*n potluck night, or dream up your own ideas. If you want to donate money, find a worthy cause without the overhead required to call it an offset!

Do you know of a green business that needs better marketing?

We try to find businesses that excite us, that are doing good work, and especially businesses that are relevent to many people but not well known. We do some of their marketing work, they support our green travel efforts. Do you know of green entreprenuers we should know about? Also, if you have comments on any of the businesses we're working with, let us know!

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