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We've produced a one-page quick-checklist. It's not a substitute for the detailed guides intended for the organizers. It is a perfect starting point to summarize the steps you would need to take if your organization is planning an event. The guide is also perfect for individuals to fill out and hand to an event as a suggestion. Print out a copy and take it with you to each event you attend.

Unlike the larger guides, we focus on some of the keys to getting the process started: scoring points for having someone in charge of having an environmental program, along with points for actually doing the work.

The checklist comes with a set of suggested scores for each area of effort. We encouage you to adjust it freely. If you are using the checklist as a way to communicate with an event, ask them to get back to you and tell you who will be in charge of having an environmental event next time, and what they will be improving! And remember to thank them for any effort -- staying positive is generally far more effective for this project -- the tiniest bit of consumer pressure, some clear suggestions and questions, and lots of thanks are usually the best way to go.

Download Checklist

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