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  • Activist project with a very small budget.
  • CMS with barely trained non-tech interns entering content.
  • Audiences: event planners and individual travelers, crossed against informal (festivals, individual events) and professional (conference planners and attendees). Planners mostly need to be quickly taken to *guides* appropriate for their event (large vs small, indoor vs outdoor, deep green vs light, etc.) and attendees who mostly need *quick tips.*

Cool and Unique:

  • Reverses the standard advertising method. Instead of having (just) advertisements, the main image on the page can be set to the referrer's logo. This allows festivals to treat the site as "their" green guide.
  • As a portal site, the structure is a bit unusual for a website. We intend that people will come to our site seeking information about either planning or traveling to a specific event, not subscribe: so we narrow their search to one of a dozen areas, within which they will see broadly similar content adjusted to their event.

Laura McCaul, summer 2008 internship, developed most of the content. Logo, and much of theme and design by Wolfgang Svec. Stephen Cataldo was the project manager and developer.