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Send Email to Your Database

Need help sending emails to people in your database?

At SpaceShare, we have a monthly newsletter, sometimes varied by region. We send check-in letters and follow-up letters to attendees at many different events, with a large variety of SQL searches calling up different emails. No tool on the market let us do this, so we built our own.

Whether your organization just sends a newsletter, or needs to send a variety of correspondenses to many different subsections of your database, we'll build and install tools that help you do it automatically and easily, without handing your email lists over to an outside organization.

This is a great tool for nonprofits and others who use an opt-in method for determining who gets newsletters. (We only want to work with organizations that are careful not to send unsolicited emails; we will ask questions to ensure that you are not a spammer.)


  • Accepts data from your database using SQL, allowing tremendous flexibility.
  • Accepts data in other formats, even cut and pasted from an Excell spreadsheet.
  • Sends email in either format: html, text, or both ("multipart/alternative")
  • Or, can send appropriate format to each recipient, if you have collected that information.
  • Can be made part of your organizational process.
  • Customizable & Secure.

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