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Custom Web Development

SpaceShare funds our environmental mission in part by customizing our database and dynamic web site tools, as well as other contract work.

Specialized in Drupal, Perl, Apache, MySQL and Filemaker, we have a wide variety of partners, bringing you any skill set you need. Our strength is building custom web applications efficiently, making maximum use of code reuse and opensource tools. Tell us your needs, and we'll explore what shortcuts are available in the opensource world, and what needs to be built from scratch.

We offer quality work, a minimum of buzzwords, and know how to take a project from start to finish on time and on budget. Discounts for nonprofits, of course.

Three programs written by SpaceShare's main programmer are particularly adaptable:

  1. The SpaceShare Matching Engine. We're experts at helping people meet each other according to complex specifications, such as mentor matching, job fairs, or team creation.
  2. Content Management Systems (CMS). SpaceShare's programmer loves builing websites from scratch. Those days are over for the needs of most organizations. Content Management Systems such as Drupal allow your web developer to create a website management tool, rather than a one-time website. Using a CMS makes maintainance and upgrading easier, and makes your organization less dependent on the orginal programmer. Drupal is a great tool for membership organizations, allowing you to easily add forums and blogs and many other tools to your site. One of the simplest possible sites is Berkeley Environmental Alumni Associations's Forum. On the other side of complexity, SpaceShare's website, our community pages, our intranet, our membership & newsletter database, our events research and contact management database, and dozens of green travel sites will soon be interwoven Drupal sites. An incomplete site in a more artistic style is Green Weddings and Family Celebrations.
  3. Integrated Database and Membership. As more donations are given online and more people join your organization online, keep your data integrated with your website.

Requests for Proposals & Rates

SpaceShare occassionally answers RFPs, but we prefer to have a conversation to mutually discover what can work best for clients. If you would like a proposal, send the RFP and a good time to call to discuss it. Our normal contract rate is $100/hour, some associates's rates may vary. SpaceShare gives most nonprofits a 20% discount. At this time contract work subsidizes our carpool tools; if they start to carry their own weight we hope to start donating more time to lower budget nonprofits. We work mostly with people working for a better world.

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