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Welcome to the SpaceShare Activist-Networking Prototype It's a tool for connecting people who'd like to get involved in making the world a bit better - in any of many ways - with your neighbors. Anyone can use it, but it's intended mostly for people going to a Peace Rally or Green Festival who'd like to turn that inspiration into action, in a way that fits into your life & your neighborhood.

You describe what you would like to do, both in words for other people to read, and by checking boxes for the computer to read. We'll go through the posts, sorting them to find the best matches: interested in educating yourself in a bookclub, in writing letters for peace, in converting a bus to biodiesel? If neighbors with vaguely similar interests signs up, you'll find them. You can start your own little tea-house group, or join an established group together.

Prototype: This is just a prototype and proof of concept. We ask that you please send us any suggestions, comments or especially problems and we'll do our best to fix them. ** Launched on 8/29.

Disclaimer: SpaceShare sites are an advanced classifieds system: we do not screen users and can take no responsibility for anyone you meet through our system. Please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Protections below.

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This search site comes with no guarantees. We do not screen users: users are responsible for their own decisions when choosing whether to give out personal information or meet anyone they find on this site.

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