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Stephen Cataldo's Home Page

For the last two years, I've been developing the SpaceShare project, which has kept me quite busy. Below is what's left of my life...


Programming perl since 1996, focused on building LAMP applications, looking for contract work to fund my environmental efforts. Resume as PDF.

My first large project was Shared Calendars, an internet group calendar and scheduling tool.

Life, Writings, Travel, Activism

Travel advice for Thailand.

Travel logs and life stories from Thailand, scrapes with world hegemons. Basically an email blog from 1999.

Connecting people to their neighbors for peace & environmental activism.

Paradigm Shift Discussion Circle, exploring why people work their whole lives to give their grandchildren a good life, while wrecking their grandkid's planet. How is our view of the world skewed, preventing us from being as decent as we'd like to be? And how can we effectively work for change?

Opinions on Consumer Stuff, Dentists, Etc.


Contact me at SpaceShare.

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