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About SpaceShare

SpaceShare's mission is to replace cars with community. We define this broadly, helping people strengthen their communities in a variety of ways, most of which help them share and save resources. We are a Social Enterprise: we have all the mission and spirit of a nonprofit, all the efficiency and focus on our clients' needs of a business enterprise.

SpaceShare was founded in 2003 by Stephen Cataldo, and is joined by a growing team of volunteers and interns. You can think of SpaceShare as two organizations: a business that develops tools for community building and works with clients, and an activist organization that inspires people to start sharing.

As a business, we work with clients who may or may not care that their events are environmentally friendly. It's our mission to make our tools sufficiently worthwhile that any event planner will want them.

As an activist organization trying to change the world, our doors are open to participation. We work at inspiring people at the large events in our neighborhood, events like SolFest and EarthDance, where we show up and help educate and inspire people about green travel, about relying more on their community and less on burning resources. The activist part of SpaceShare is partly a Do-ocracy as they say at Burning Man, where great things happen if you make them happen, and our direction is largely defined by who shows up willing to work on which project. We don't look for cash contributions, we want you to participate!

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Future Plans

In the next three years, we hope to:
  1. Set up carpool systems for thousands of events each year, rather than one each week as we do now.
  2. Help people bring their elderly neighbors to church, providing carpooling tools to churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship.
  3. Help college students avoid buying their first car by designing carpool systems able to handle the complex needs of campus life.
  4. Partner with others to create a Green Weddings website and movement.
  5. Make everyone aware that businesses like housecleaning and real estate can be green, and connect environmentally conscious people with neighborhood green businesses.

Contact Us

6420 Colby St
Oakland, CA 94618
phone: 1 (510) 520-6175
fax: 1 (510) 849-4832

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