Stephen Cataldo

Mobile: 510-520-6175

1341 California St.
Berkeley, CA 94703

Founder, team leader and full stack developer.
Focused on building custom websites with social benefit, especially pragmatic applications that facilitate communication and cooperation: functional group calendars, carpool systems, and intranets.


Drupal Application Developer

Work with clients to plan, architect and build maintainable web applications. Lamp stack: Drupal & PHP; Perl & scraping; rsync, mirroring & backups; MySQL; Apache; Javascript, jQuery & React.js; HTML, SASS & CSS; Bootstrap.


Begin with an idea and see it through. Develop strategic plans, architect software, build a team, launch a web application, work with clients.


Cognitive Politics, Author Published March 2017

Wrote and designed a book and website for improving cross-partisan communication.
  • Facilitating workshops, “Talking Across the Partisan Divide.”
  • Currently initiating social media and marketing campaign.
  • Experimented with technology for a single-stream team authorship system: Cognitive Politics is written in html and css with a php processor. is a simple Drupal installation.

Freelance, Web Application Developer2000 - current

Worked with a wide variety of clients on discovery, architecture and design to develop, test and deploy both websites and web applications. I help clients explore their needs and then develop the technology or websites to match. Focus on helping clients avoid scope creep and meet their real needs while building maintainable sites on budget. Using Drupal since 2005. Some favorite projects:
  •, a Drupal 8 site for space science, industry and education. A community organizing website built on the Group module. Intended to become an opensource Drupal distribution: I can build your version of this site.
  • SoundVision Media Library: intranet for intake, reporter-producer coordination, and archiving of science radio production media.
  •,,,,, prototype., Founder and Developer 2003 - current

Developed ride-share, room-share and other community-building tools for conferences and festivals.
  • Founded and ran the business for over ten years: planning, programming, working with clients and advertisers, hiring contractors, managing interns, speaking at conferences. At peak was full-time plus contractors; now a hobby-business.
  • Built with Perl, mod_perl and CGI, using Apache and MySQL. Also developed: a Drupal variant for custom clients, SpaceShare's CMS which scraped conference calendars into a Drupal site, an intranet for our volunteers, and a Drupal carpool module which I released opensource.

UC Berkeley, Berkeley Art Studio, Instructor June 2015 - May 2016

Enjoyed teaching an evening class on fundamentals of web design., Lead Developer May 2011 - Jan 2012

Led team that built and launched a Drupal-powered social-commerce web application.
  • Helped hire, integrate and mentor new project manager, developers and technical contractors. Guided project management towards light-weight Scrum (Agile).
  • Drupal 6 with Pressflow, Memcache and Varnish on Amazon EC2., Application Programmer 1996 - 2001

Developed multiperson office calendar application, "Shared Calendars."
  • Responsible for all aspects of the project except for sales: designed and developed Perl CGI application, wrote marketing web site, supported customers.
  • Successfully released two versions plus a customized version used at Netscape.

Heart Cafe, Founder 1991 - 1995

Founded and ran a profitable cafe advocating for a healthy vegetarian diet.
  • Hired, trained and managed staff of approximately 20 part-time employees.

Volunteer, Small Group Speaker/Facilitator 1992 - current

Developed unique educational programs:
  • “Talking Across Partisan Divides.” Current.
  • High school and middle school anti-tobacco programs, sometimes with the Seattle Department of Health, empowering students to stand up to corporate marketing techniques. Late 90s.
  • College talks encouraging healthy vegetarian diets. Early 90s.

University of Delaware, Magna Cum Laude 1986 - 1990

Majors in Physics, Political Science, Economics.
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