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Help! I can't find my event!
Can I carpool to....
How do the networking tools work?
What is your privacy policy?
Where are you based?
Do you have any secret plans or goals?

Can I carpool to...

SpaceShare works with events that want to encourage people to carpool (or share or network in some other way). There are dozens of tools to carpool from anywhere to anywhere. They largely don't work, because they have too few users on any one system. We only build tools where we hope to have a critical mass, where enough users will be going to the same place at the same time to make carpooling work.
  1. If you are traveling to an event, ask them how to carpool there, and encourage them contact us to build a system for them.
  2. If it is too late to set up carpooling to the event you are going to, or you are looking for a commute or city-to-city carpool, here is our guide to other transit tools.
  3. Check in again in two years. We're going step-by-step to build tools that make sense and really work; but we have an amazing vision of how community can replace cars.

What is your privacy policy?

We work hard to protect privacy. Signing up for a carpool should not mean getting put on an email list for the rest of your email's life. We also provide privacy when making contact: you don't have to let anyone know who you are or how to contact you except through our system. In order to protect your privacy (unlike a bulletin board posting), the system needs to have your email, so that other users can tell our server to send you a message. We don't put you on our main mailing list unless you ask (and we promise, no sneaky buttons that you have to un-check). Each event usually has a detailed privacy policy for that event, partly determined by the host of the event.

Where are you based?

Our green logistics tools can be used anywhere. Physically, our headquarters are in Oakland, California. This year you are much more likely to see us running an exhibit here than anywhere else. But we have volunteers all over the world, including contacts in Nepal and Thailand, who are ready to assist events in their regions be a bit greener.

Are you part of any conspiracies, or have secret plans and goals?

Yes. One of our objectives is to convince people to stay in their communities. In big regions like the San Francisco Bay Area, there is far more than enough going on to keep people entertained, most weekends, closer to home. Expending resources to travel 30 miles for a weekend's fun is wasteful unless it is something you particularly want to go to. Often, people spend much of their weekend in the car, rather than at an activity.

Relocalization. Once people get in the habit of traveling with their neighbors, they'll start making friends with their neighbors, and we hope one day will have an epiphany that they can enjoy most of their weekends with their neighbors, closer to home, in community, perhaps supporting more local arts, more often than not.

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